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Proven track record with quality outcomes

Once you engage Traffic Planning Consultants (TPC) to provide traffic engineering input for your project, you benefit from:

Our dedication to you. We measure our success in the number of clients that we assist to reach their desired project outcome.

Our experienced professional team. We have an average of over 20 years of professional experience across our entire team.

Our depth of knowledge. Odds are that the roads you drive on or the area you live in have benefitted from our professional traffic engineering knowledge.

A focus on meeting your timeframes. We are committed to on-time delivery and responding quickly to client requests.

People who are easy to work with. Our clients consistently tell us that we not only deliver quality work, but that they find us a pleasure to work with.

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Reducing Development Costs
The Council District Plan parking requirements made a retail and office project uneconomic to develop.
Our Approach: To assist our client and to satisfy Council officers parking concerns, TPC developed a detailed parking demand model that significantly reduced the amount of parking required for the development...Read more.

Helping Businesses Grow
Our client wanted to expand its business to make the most of a commercial opportunity but Council's District Plan provided a number of obstacles preventing the expansion.
Our Approach: We developed a methodology and identified improvement measures to accommodate additional traffic generation and parking demand generated by the expansion. Included in our improvement measures...Read more.
Reducing Crashes
Our client had identified a number of sites where a large number of crashes were occurring and engaged us to develop solutions.
Our Approach: We reviewed the relevant data, identified patterns of crashes, visited the sites and developed traffic engineering...Read more.
Enhancing Human Environments
Our client managed a large tertiary education campus and a number of Health and Safety concerns were raised over the interaction of traffic and pedestrians on the site.
Our Approach: We developed a methodology for reviewing the site as a whole; observing traffic and pedestrian...Read more.
Measuring Economic Benefits
Our client had several major pieces of roading infrastructure to develop and wanted to determine that the benefits of these projects could be measured.
Our Approach: TPC developed a methodology for data collection, monitoring and reporting so that the benefits of the projects...Read more.
Solving Research Problems
Our client had commissioned a major piece of transport economics research but the methodology was not fit for purpose.
Our Approach: We peer reviewed the research and identified some significant omissions in the work that had been done ...Read more.
Design Considerations for Major Roading Project
Our client was planning the design and future construction of a major component of roading infrastructure but the lane arrangements proposed presented potential traffic safety and network capacity issues.
Our Approach: We reviewed the operational aspects of the design and considered the practical implications of the roading project ...Read more.
Improving Public Expenditure
Our client, a public transport operator, had applied to the Regional Council to authorise a new "commercial" bus service, i.e. a service that would operate with no subsidy from the Council. The Council declined to authorise the service on the basis that the transport modelling indicated that the proposed...Read more.