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Traffic Impact and Integrated Transport Assessments
Preparing Traffic Impact and Integrated Transport Assessment reports is one of our core specialties and we have provided traffic engineering expertise on a wide range of residential, commercial and public sector projects throughout New Zealand.  Our focus is on developing practical and cost effective designs for our clients, and consulting with the relevant Authorities to ensure a successful outcome.

We are also called upon regularly to provide expert traffic engineering evidence at Local Authority and Environment Court hearings for many of the projects.  Our clients count on us to stand up as experienced, knowledgeable, expert witnesses, able to think on our feet to present and then defend our findings against cross examination.

As well as preparing these Assessments for private clients, we also provide advice to Local Authorities and Government agencies on a wide range of development proposals through the peer review process.

Traffic Engineering Investigation and Design
TPC provides specialist traffic engineering investigation and design services to public and private sector groups. This has included intersection geometric improvements for additional capacity, intersection realignment to improve safety, new local roadway alignments and traffic signal design.

We harness our experience and expertise together with leading research to produce concept and detailed designs that ensure the delivery of successful project outcomes for our clients.

Transportation Planning
TPC taps years of collective know-how to provide our client's transportation plans that address short and long-term goals, from addressing projected traffic demands to funding sources.

A good transportation plan allows you to establish both short and long-term transportation policy, including how to allocate investment funds and ways to evaluate proposed alternatives. Because it is inter-related, we also look at how regional land use planning can be coordinated with transportation policy.

Road Safety
People die each year on the roads in New Zealand and many thousands more suffer significant injuries and permanent disabilities as a result of vehicle collisions. The level at which our roads are designed, constructed and maintained reduces these numbers. TPC provides our clients with professional staff who each have over 20 years professional experience in developing traffic safety solutions and who are fully aware of the latest traffic engineering standards and utilise the latest technology to review and analyse any safety issue.

We have carried out a number of Crash Reduction Studies and Route Crash studies that have resulted in an average reduction in injury crashes of 80%.

Road Safety Audits of proposed road improvements is one of our core specialties and we have audited all size and scale of projects from relatively simple intersection improvements through to major infrastructure works such as the Waterview Tunnel project and the Brisbane Northern Link Tunnel project. We have provided Road Safety Audits on all of the Governments seven Roads of National Significance projects.

Travel Demand Management
Providing Travel Demand Management (TDM) services is one of our core specialties and we have one of New Zealand's leading TDM practitioners, with a wealth of international as well as national experience, as part of our team. We provide the full range of TDM services including the development of TDM strategy integrating with regional and local transport strategy, policy development and implementation plans for individual organisations and networks of travel plans within geographic areas.

We also provide advice on walking and cycling strategy, policy and action plans including hard (infrastructure) and soft (awareness raising) measures.

Traffic and Transport Modelling
We use the full range of traffic and transport modelling software including SIDRA, Transyt, S-Paramics and EMME/3 to provide advice to our clients on their projects. Traffic models provide an invaluable tool when assessing traffic related impacts of development projects and potential road network improvements. As well as developing models, we also carry out peer reviews of traffic models with members of our team being trained peer reviewers of S-Paramics.

Temporary Traffic Management
TPC can prepare detailed Construction Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for the most complex road construction project or development project. Our professional staff are accredited to Level 2/3 STMS (NP) which allows us to design and evaluate traffic management measures for all road classes and designations. We provide a full range of temporary traffic management expertise including the development of construction and peer reviewing TMP's.

We also work with our clients to develop TMP's that provide a safe balance between the needs of mobility for all road users with the need to provide access to existing properties while also maintaining the highest levels of safety to both construction workers and the travelling public.

Public Transport Policy
TPC can assist in the development of public transport policy including assessing public transport demand and designing services to meet demand, accessible public transport vehicles and infrastructure, fare policy, Total Mobility, the development of Regional Public Transport Plans, the evaluation of public transport projects and preparing funding applications.

We offfer a full range of services

We are a specialist traffic engineering consultancy providing expertise and
experience in:

> Traffic Impact Assessments
> Integrated Transport Assessments
> Traffic Engineering Investigation & Design  
> Transportation Planning
> Road Safety
  > Travel Demand Management
> Traffic and Transport Modelling
> Temporary Traffic Management
> Public Transport Policy

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